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posted on Nov. 18, 2016
by Rick Fo

London is famous for its urban style, cool subcultures and being host to some of the most exciting trends in fashion…and more importantly food. From after-hours street foods to haute cuisine eateries with more Michelin Stars than some countries accumulatively, London covers the gamut.

Even though the offering for great food in London is inexhaustible there are certain food establishments that stand-out from the crowd. One restaurant that seems to be a consistent presence on both guest and critics review list is Roast. Specializing in updated British cuisine proving that its local cuisine undoubtedly has a place in the sphere of international cookery.  


Like I mentioned in the intro, Roast’s mission is to prove that British cuisine has an indelible position in the sphere of international cuisine. An emphasis is placed on procuring ingredients locally and fresh and using seasonal offerings to best effect. The executive chef Stuart Cauldwell takes British Isle staples such as bubble and squeak, haggis, scotch eggs, blood sausage, game pie and lamb and spins it in a contemporary way that will excite and surprise even the most sophisticated palate.


Roast is proximate to the London Bridge and overlooking the busy Borough Market which also happens to be one of London’s oldest food markets. This perfectly embodies the restaurant and chef’s philosophy of presenting to diners traditional fare from across Britain. The restaurant seats a meager 120 people, making it an intimate dining experience. To further this feeling of privacy, the seating is over two levels. Some of the seats even look into Roast’s bustling kitchen if you are a culinary voyeur. Live music plays every night and during lunch on Sunday, further adding to the guests’ experience. Open on Thursday-Saturday the Bar at Roast is an intimate affair offering classic bar foods such as breaded fish fingers with brown crab mayonnaise and chips, chargrilled rib eye steak sandwich with pickled red onions, watercress and blue cheese but this isn’t all. For a more upscale experience the Bar also offers a tasting menu which pairs combines recommended wines with British inspired dishes. There is even a vegetarian menu for patrons that do not eat animal products.

The Pudding Menu

One of the restaurant’s more unique and interesting offering is its pudding menu which offers a selection of seasonal sweets, puddings and ice creams. This includes amazing selections such as a spiced apple pie with butterscotch sauce and toasted barley ice cream, Bramley apple and blackberry crumble with pistachio and blackberry yogurt ice cream and a selection of homemade ice-creams and sorbets. This menu also features an amazing selection of British produced cheeses the most intriguing amongst them a Charcoal Cheddar which is an aged cheddar cheese blended with charcoal.


Although the overall atmosphere of Roast caters to a more youthful casual crowd, the recommended attire is smart casual, so leave the yoga pants and basketball shorts at home.

Public Transportation 

Roast is extremely accessible via public transport and can be reached using either the London Bridge or the Borough tube.  

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