New Study Reveals Favourite Dinner Conversation Topic

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posted on Sep. 28, 2016

Are you attending a gala next week and you’re afraid you won’t have anything to talk about if seated with strangers? Here is what you’ll need to discuss:

Not everyone is an introvert and this means that some people don’t get all anxious about attending dinner functions and being seated with strangers. But those who are introverts know that nothing is as horrible as going through awkward silence after awkward silence at a dinner and so they worry about finding something suitable to discuss with perfect strangers.

And because talking about the details of your last luxury vacation quickly gets old and in order to engage in conversation you need to talk about something fun and something unexpected, research has found that the preferred subject matter at dinner parties is the zombie apocalypse.


That’s right, the rich and the powerful all have one thing in mind as they pass platters and that relates to what they would do in a zombie apocalypse to fight out the dead. And as they go on discussing different plans and different tools and techniques which can be used to fight off zombies, the night rolls out uneventfully.

We are not entirely sure why people would talk over gushing someone’s brains out during dinner, but many claim that nothing beats awkwardness like exchanging valuable skills in the fight against the dead.

The study also revealed that the second most discussed topic was more relevant to real life, but just as imaginative nonetheless. So, it turns out that when people get tired of talking about zombies, they like to change to the admittedly more pleasant topic of what they would do with the money if they won the lottery.



However, the one thing that this research has proven is that people like to use these opportunities as a way to explore their imagination. The third most discussed topic over dinner parties what superhero abilities they’d like to have.


What remains to be seen is if the reason for the sparked up imagination is people’s shyness, or if they are genuinely interested in finding out how someone plans to fight zombies and whether they value flying over being super strong.


what do you think?


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