Myst Gold: The 24 Karat Gold Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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posted on Oct. 01, 2016

Once you taste the oil, and feel the sense of joy and luxury coming from its every drop, you will understand why MYST GOLD-aka liquid gold- stands out.

People have always appreciated and admired gold; from the Gods themselves, to kings, to every single person and their jewel boxes.

We are here to introduce gold straight into your kitchen and your dishes! MYST Gold is the extra-virgin olive oil from the birth place of the Gods themselves, Olympus.

Did you know that there is no better place to cultivate the best olive trees, other than the Olympus Mountain, home of the Greek Gods? Near the Mediterranean sea and on one of the most well-known territories of ancient tradition, MYST the purest culinary house, cultivates precious olives to produces this magnificent product: MYST Gold oil.

MYST Gold olive oil is harvested at the ideal period of the year, in October, when the olives are young. The green olives are collected with care and are pressed within 24 hours in order to extract the better aromas and have a more fruity juice for the extra-virgin olive oil.

Bottled with Gold

As if this extra-virgin olive oil wasn’t a premium food product enough, it is also infused with 24K gold flakes. Again, linking back to ancient history, as according to ancient beliefs, it is said that gold has a power to make your life long and vital. We all know that olive oil is often called “liquid gold” and MYST GOLD olive oil is literally liquid gold!

Produced in 500ml bottles, this golden olive oil contains aromas of citrus fruits, herbs and floral hints, all together forming a thrilling aroma. The definition of extra-virgin olive oil is given because the olives are naturally cultivated without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

This elegant product is presented in elegant black cases and could also be bought with PURE olive oil in AEON box. God’s nectar can be found in the transparent bottles with white or black cap.

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