Moving to London: Why It’s The Best Move You’ll Make as a Millionaire

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posted on Jul. 21, 2016

What makes London truly unique is that it can offer to the millionaire a luxury lifestyle in a vibrant environment. This is why you should  move there.

London, the world’s capital, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Living there may not be as exotic as living on a private island, but it’s somewhere you definitely want to move to if you want to live in style and in a vibrant community of other rich people.  

Plenty of millionaires opt for London when it comes to finding a city to call home. In fact, London is home to more millionaires than any other city in the world. One in every 35 people in London has assets that are worth at least a million and there are at least 72 billionaires living in London which basically amounts to ten percent of the world’s billionaires.

And there’s a good reason that all these people choose London when it comes to finding a city that will suit the luxury lifestyle they want to lead. London is one of the world’s capitals which makes it easier for millionaires and billionaires alike to run their businesses and handle their affairs, while there are also plenty of expensive things to do in London that are only fit for the elite.

Exclusive Shopping At Its Finest


From all the things to do in London that are fit for millionaires, there’s one thing that never gets old and that is to go shopping. There are myriads of stores that will cater to your luxury lifestyle needs and you’ll find some of the finest things to buy in London.

A visit at Harrods will convince you of this as it’s becoming one of the most exclusive shops in the world. Harrods’ personal shopping team is one of the finest in the world and they’ll help you find everything your heart desires, whether you’re trying to reinvent yourself, or decorating your newly bought luxury mansion.

And of course, it isn’t just Harrods. London offers many exclusive stores where you’ll find whatever your heart desires. From Bond Street to Mayfair, London truly knows no end when it comes to luxury. There’s also Liberty that offers designer brands and Westfield, so really you’ll never be short of anything when in London. 

London Is World-Famous For Its Cultural Diversity


More and more millionaires are beginning to appreciate the luxury lifestyle living in a diversified environment can offer. From exotic restaurants to exclusive tribal artwork, there are plenty of things to do in a culturally diversified city such as London.

Millionaires from all across the world are now arriving to London to experience this kind of luxury lifestyle and you should definitely not be left out. From dining at exotic restaurants to attending exotic nights out, London is where the Caribbean meets Asia and where the North meets the South so you won’t be disappointed.

It Offers Some of the Best Education In the World


From exclusive boarding schools to historic universities, London offers some of the best education in the world. If you have little ones, you should definitely take into account their future before moving anywhere in the world but luckily there’s not much to think when it comes to London.

Two of the top ten finest schools rich kids attend, Charterhouse and Tonbridge, are located just a stone’s throw from London which basically means that not only will London provide you with a luxury lifestyle, but it will also offer quality education to your children.

And not only does the UK have some exceptional schools, but there are also some historic universities that your children can attend. Both Cambridge and Oxford University are a short ride away from London which means that your offspring could be attending any of these two world-renowned universities while living at home. Of course there are some exceptional universities within London as well, for example King’s and Imperial College are located in the heart of London so really you’ll never be short of educational options when living in London.

The Tax System is Great for Millionaires


The ‘non-dom’ status in the UK essentially means that UK residents who have their permanent residence elsewhere don’t have to pay the UK tax on foreign income. So all you’ll need to do is prove that you have strong links with your home country and you’ll be able to evade taxes that could cut out a large chunk of your net worth.

It’s actually because of the non-dom status that so many foreign millionaires opt for London when it comes to finding somewhere to live in luxury.

There Are Many Things to Do That Will Fit Your Luxury Lifestyle


If there’s one thing that London prides itself over is that the things to do in London never end. There’s always something happening somewhere and if you’re a millionaire there’s not an issue of being able to afford it or not.

From afternoon tea at Clardiges for £58 a person to drinking champagne on the London Eye for £850 there are just lots of exclusive things to do in London that will fit your luxury lifestyle. Other activities include going to the London Royal Opera house (£760 per seat) and getting your hair cut at Stuart Phillips for £20,000. For a full list of unique things to do in London have a look here.

You Can Live Like Royalty


And I mean that quite literally as there are lots of historic manors for sale in the UK. Old aristocratic families are selling their families’ manors as they can’t afford to keep them which means that you can live at what is practically the Buckingham Palace for nothing.

For example this mansion in Monmouthshire built in the 19th century boasts a wonderful Japanese garden and it can be yours for under £4 million.

For under £5 million you can buy the Tedstone Court in Herefordshire that comes with formal gardens, tennis courts and lots of other facilities.

This stunning Victorian mansion that’s available for £5 million is also a great purchase if you’re looking to experience what old aristocrats used to live like.

Of course, if you’re not interested in the luxury lifestyle that a somewhat spooky manor offers, there’s also the possibility of purchasing a flat in Chelsea or Kensington, areas where the new aristocracy lives. There you’ll be neighbours with other millionaires and billionaires and you’ll be able to live in luxury right in the heart of London. 


What’s also great about living in areas like this is that the laws are really flex when it comes to making changes to your house if you’re a millionaire. So if for example you want to add a Jacuzzi in the middle of your living room or dig the basement and build a pool inside the house you can do so.

So, really, when it comes to pursuing a luxury lifestyle there’s nowhere on Earth that can compare to London, as it offers a unique mixture of new and old things. Whether it’s living in a Victorian manor, or conducting your business in the Shard, London truly has it all.

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