Mickey Mouse Moved: Disneyland Resorts Hong Kong

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posted on Dec. 19, 2016
by Rick Fo

Steve Jobs once called Walt Disney the best story-teller in the world and I doubt most people would even argue with that. Disney has existed as a beacon of joy for more than nine decades. If you happen to be in Hong Kong and would like to spend a truly magical day (or days) with your children or with you group, then look no further than Disneyland Hong Kong.

A truly unique experience in a truly unique location in the world, Disneyland Hong Kong will excite, entertain and make you giggle. Let’s a little closer look at what the resort has to offer.


Although the Disney company started in Burbank, California it has expanded to become arguably one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Not only have their movie been translated into dozens of different languages, but their theme parks span from one side of the globe to the other. There are a total of six Disney themed parks around the world, including a Resort and spa in Hawaii. The locations include, California, Florida, France, Tokyo, Shanghai and of course Hong Kong. The great thing about Disneyland theme parks is that they are usually constantly expanding to include the company’s newest and most beloved characters.

Disneyland resorts Hong Kong includes multiple attractions and rides, including such classics as Dumbo the Flying Elephant, It’s A Small World and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. The park much like its global counterparts is separated into seven sections each one dedicated to a specific theme (or style).


Prepare yourself for exciting adventure as you travel along a perilous river, on the Jungle City Cruise or stretch your legs while climbing up to Tarzan’s Treehouse. The 157 step climb to the top should get your blood flowing. There are a total of four great rides and attractions in this area.


If you are more Alice in Wonderland that the Rescue Rangers, then you might feel more at home in Fantasyland. Here you can visit Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and take a ride with Dumbo, enjoying a total of eleven attractions and rides!

Grizzly Gulch

A western themed gulch in the middle of the happiest place in the world, you will be able to have a rip-roaring time, riding the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car!

Main Street U.S.A.

If you want to eat, drink and relax, Main Street is probably the best place to go. If you get a little restless you can ride the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad or the Main Street Vehicles.

Mystic Point

Walk through the magical wonderful gardens surrounding the Mystic Manor and admire the amazing artifacts left behind at the Mystic Point Freight Depot.

Toy Storyland

If you loved the adventures of Buzz and Woody, then you might want to make a quick stop at Toy Storyland and take a ride on the Barrel of Fun!


One of the most popular of most Disney Theme parks, especially since Disney added Star Wars to its stable of franchises.


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