Meet Bombshell Billionaire Tamara Ecclestone

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posted on Aug. 16, 2016
by Rick Fo

Making money runs you down, so usually Billionaires aren’t the most attractive bunch. I mean look at Warren Buffet. Tamara Ecclestone is a bit different.

Born of the unholy union between a billionaire troll like Englishman and a gorgeous Yugoslavian model…for love…right. Tamara Ecclestone is probably the hottest billionaire in the world. I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg would probably protest that, but Mark you have to dress up once in a while. She is also the only billionaire (thankfully) that has posed for Playboy magazine. Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to you the Bombshell Billionaire Tamara Ecclestone.

How Did She Do It

So how did this buxom beauty become a billionaire? Birth-right my friend pure and simple birth-right. Luckily the only thing that Tamara has inherited from her immensely unattractive father Bernie, is part of his 3.1 billion dollar empire. So how did Bernie make his money? You are a Nosey Nancy aren’t you? Bernie Ecclestone a man that is wealthy enough to look the way he does and marry models, was born the son of a fisherman in South Elmham. He was a chemist, with a motorsports hobby, a hobby that eventually saw him become the chief executive of the Formula One racing association.  Of course he made his money through various profitable real estate deals and financing.

Even before she truly inherits her father Tamara is worth and astounding three hundred million dollars…and she spends like she’s worth ten times that. Tamara and her younger sister Petra have racked up a bill of three point five billion dollars in less than a decade. Their daddy dearest deposited 3.5 billion British pounds into their bank account in the hopes that they would invest in real estate…or maybe even just leave it in the bank and make interest off of it, they instead with on an almost decade long spending spree: spending a million pounds on a crystal bathtub (Tamara), a 150.000.000 dollars on a mega yacht and more than 300,000 on shoes and handbags (Tamara). To say that they spend like Nuevo riche girlfriends of drug dealers would be mild. Creative but mild.

What Does She Do

Well she’s rich dummy that’s what she does. On top of it she poses nude for Playboy, preoccupies the celebrity gossip columns with her eating of ice-cream with her daughter Labia…oh I’m sorry I mean Lavinia and preoccupies forums with the reasons some of her clothes are slightly ill fitting. Also to add to the trash-tastic triage she is also a realty show star on Billion $$$ Girl, where she does fascinating rich people things and talking while barely opening her mouth.

She Got From He Momma

Luckily for Tamara, she took after her statuesque model mother Slavica Ecclestone which is currently worth around a measly 1.9 billion. The ex-Mrs. Ecclestone was a model with Armani and met the attractively wealthy Bernie during an Armani promotional event for Formula 1. It is said that Bernie pursued Slavica even though he only spoke English and she only spoke Italian and Croatian. She was also 28 years younger than him and a foot taller than him. She was also a solid 10 compared to his generous 0.005.


Just because you can’t be a member of the trashy Nuevo Riche without scandal Tamara has been in the medias’ spotlight for:

  • Her boyfriend being seen in a sex tape doing “horrid deeds”
  • Her Husband allegedly assisting a drug lord
  • An Selfie of her Breastfeeding her two year old daughter
  • She Threatened to Kill Internet Trolls That Target Her Daughter
  • The £10.000 play house she had built for her said daughter

And of course her 2013 spread in Playboy, with the cover showing a very large diamond covering a largely hairless portion of her body…that is between her legs. Her vagina.

Her Humble Abode

Tamara is a modest, humble girl if nothing else, she live in a 57 bedroom mansion on one of London’s most expensive exclusive streets and she purchased it at a bargain too. For the extremely low asking price of £70 million. It has a two story basement (yes, two) and four story of above ground living space. It was built in the 1900 and the renovation of it took two entire years and £31 million. It has been famously kitsched-up which is a perfect complement to Tamara and her husband’s bright orange skin. Although there are almost 57 rooms to enjoy, Tamara and her kin spend most of their time in the kitchen, T.V. room and bedroom…appropriate, does it even have a library? Does it even have a book? Anything that rhymes and anything that has colourful pictures in it doesn’t count.

It’s not just Tamara but her sister Petra also likes to make interior designer’s cry with her bad taste. It is reported that upon purchasing Candy Spellings mansion (T.V.s golden child producer Aaron Spellings widow) she promptly painted all the imported Italian marble fireplaces black to match her furnishings. Which is weird because you wouldn’t expect someone with a die-job to be so bothered if the curtains didn’t match the carpet. Oh, yes I did.




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