May the Fourth Be With You On This Star Wars Day

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posted on May. 04, 2016

And remember to celebrate it as if you were Han Solo.

To help you celebrate we’ve put together a list with all things Star Warsy that will help you have the Star Wars day of your life.

#1 Watch the Original Movies

Obviously, because what’s a Star Wars Day without the original movies.

#2 Play a Star Wars Drinking Game

Because what’s more fun than drinking and watching Star Wars. We suggest you play this drinking game because you do a shot each time someone turns on or off a lightsaber. Need I say more?

#3 Buy this Very Cute BB8

Who is the droid you are looking for. It rolls around like the real BB8 and it also learns to recognize and react to your voice.

#4 Dress Up Like Darth Vader

Because no villain will ever even come close.

#5 Get a Star Wars Tattoo

Have you ever wanted to get a Star Wars tattoo but were worried that it would be passé by the time you were a grown up? Well, it’s not. Go get your tattoo!

#6 Become Yoda

And take a young padawan under your wing and teach them the ways of the force. AKA make them watch the original movies with you.

#7 Go to Star Wars Land

To be together with others of your kind and play star wars trivia till dawn. Check what the Disney people have planned here.

So how will you be celebrating Star Wars day?

what do you think?


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