Luxury Travel Destinations: 10 Tropical Ways to Escape Winter

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posted on Aug. 12, 2016

Do you hate gloomy, snowy, freezing winters? Would you book the next flight out to a tropical island if you could? Here are the best tropical travel destinations.

Some people love summers. Blue seas, blue skies, white beaches, swaying palms, breezy hair, drinks in hand and sand between your toes- who wouldn’t love this?

But summers do not last forever, unfortunately, and before you know it, Halloween trick-or-treaters will be knocking on your doors and the leaves will be almost off the trees. Maybe it seems like it’s too soon to think about this weather but we need to brace ourselves- winter is coming. And when it gets cold, and you have to wear your sweaters and curl up next to the fireplace, white sands and blue skies will look better than ever.

So, it’s never too early to think about and plan your next weekend escape or the biggest trip of your lifetime- the seaside is calling. Here are the most luxurious beach travel destinations for the best sunshine fix this winter.

#1 Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Hermitage Bay is a refreshing breath of modern design in the Caribbean ideal for your tropical vacations. The 17 hillside bungalows and 8 beach bungalows are all cleanly decorated with massive windows, white walls and amazing outdoor showers with a view. You will walk through wonderful paths with thriving bougainvillea and organic gardens which supply the restaurant. Okay, let us not talk about the beach because it is simply divine.

#2 Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Song Saa Private Island took its name from the Khmer for “the sweethears” and is situated right in the untouched Koh Rong Archipelago. The resort is spanning between two small private islands and comprises of 27 intimate villas with outdoor showers, private pool deck and even some of them are built on stilts over the water. This resort is perfect for tranquility and refuge; for example, there are spa services in “sanctuaries” and not treatment rooms to offer you the most relaxing service for you and your significant other.

#3 St. Regis Princeville, Hawaii

This resort boasts the beauty of Kauai’s famous Hanalei Bay and the emerald-carpeted, misty mountains of the Na Pali Coast. You can relax in one of the 252 rooms, dine at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Kauai Grill, swim in the seaside pool, snurf or snorkel in the beautiful sea- you can pretty much do anything you like! So, what’s not to love this beautiful Hawaiian resort?

#4 Imanta, Mexico

This 9 room retreat in Mexico is ideal for those who are looking for a private retreat boasting natural beauty- completely opposite to the glitz and glam of the other resorts up the coast in Punta Mita. These luxurious bungalows ramble down a hillside of 250 Imanta-owned jungle ending in a perfect little bay with powder soft sand. The best thing about it is the retreat’s near-empty little beach and the restaurant right behind it with the best views of the Pacific sunset.

#5 KiChic, Peru

The name itself says it all: ki, the Japanese word for vital energy and life force, and chic- well, you know what it means- this Pacific coast bohemian paradise near Mancora is situated on an endless beach and centered in the open, wild sea. The cuisine is meant to keep you energized and the daily yoga classes and massage therapists available will offer you one relaxing and tropical holiday in Peru. There are six wonderful rooms but the Himalaya Suite has the best sea views up from its terrace and boasts an outdoor shower offering the most incredible views.

#6 Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

Can you think of anything better or sexier than a Brazilian beach? Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa is a ten casa hideaway on the Bahian coast near the town of Trancoso proves that no, there is actually nothing sexier than this resort! It has a simple yet elegant atmosphere; with four restored fishermen’s homes as newly designed casas or a low-key beach lounge (created from old fishing boats) where you can relax on big cushions on the deck metres away from the white sand. And if you get too bored laying around in the sun, you can always try out beach volleyball or attend a capoeira training. This is the ideal resort for everyone’s taste.

#7 Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji

This luxurious and exclusive private island resort is surrounded by a protected coral reef and is spanning 2,200 acres of magnificent cliffs and azure lagoons of the South Pacific. When you go there, you can choose one of the ten freestanding waterfront villas, their sizes starting at 1,650 square feet as the smallest. The island boasts its own gardens producing herbs and vegetables as well as farms providing fresh eggs and meats for their guests. There are so many different activities to do like golfing, diving, water sports, sunbathing or even enjoy several luxurious spa treatments but one thing’s for sure: you never have to stay away from the tranquility and bliss of the empty and mesmerizing white beach of Wakaya Club & Spa.

#8 Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, St. Barth

The Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France has been through a major upgrade recently and is now regarded as one of the most luxurious and tranquil private resorts, famous for its attention to detail, impeccable service and perfect location right on the Flamands beach in St. Barth. The best thing about this hotel is the White Bar: it is a magical spot that allows you to watch the waves crest and the sun sink below for the best sunsets.

#9 Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa, French Polynesia

This is one of the most isolated and yet sophisticated resort, Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa is situated on a private islet just off the coast of Taha’a with incredible views of Bora Bora. This Spa, inspired by traditional Polynesian design has most of its 57 suits built on stilts above the crystal clear waters with glass panels on the floor and ladders for quick swims in the warm water of the South Pacific Ocean.

#10 Bedarra Island, Australia

This unique resort on the privately owned Bedarra Island on the Great Barrier Reef can accommodate up to 16 guests on the resort’s 45 hectares of tropical rain forest and sandy beaches. This dreamy enclaved resort offers dreamy villas like the Beach House-  a two-story villa right on the beach surrounded by coconut palm trees and a deck with for sunbathing or relaxing on daybeds and sun loungers. But no matter which villa you choose, you will benefit from the divine views of the Great Barrier Riff.

Have we convinced you yet? Where would you like to go this winter?

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