Luxury Mansions: 4 Homes That Bring Green Living and Luxury Together

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posted on Sep. 21, 2016

Luxury mansions used to be all about extravagance however rich people are now looking more into their green options. These are four fine such examples.

Living in luxury is all about having a home equipped with every luxurious facility imaginable, whether that involves swimming pools and indoor spas or a runway for a drive in, but as the world is advancing, people are looking to create more eco-friendly homes to accommodate their luxury lifestyles. That of course doesn’t mean that rich people are interested in leaving their landscaped gardens behind, but simply that they are looking to do all that in way that is less harmful to the environment.

According to Sotheby’s one of the most prominent trends in the luxury home market is owning a green home and as such luxury construction companies are trying to accommodate the needs of their customers by flooding the market with such homes.

These luxury mansions are just as luxurious as every other luxury mansion out there, their only difference is that they are less harmful for the environment.  And not only are they less impactful to the environment, but these homes can be more cost efficient in the long run as they use renewable sources.

The three luxury mansions below come fully equipped with all the amenities one could desire of a luxury home. Take a look and let us know if you’d consider buying a green home.

#1 Georgia

This home is not only green but it comes at an affordable price as well at just below $1 million. This luxury mansion is located in Roswell Village, in an idyllic location, in one of the best neighbourhoods of the area.

This luxury mansion has its hardwood floors and its granites, but it also has its very own wine cellar as well as a gorgeous swimming pool. What it truly prides itself for however is the smart technology it is equipped with.

With minimum carbon footprint, this house also makes the most of solar power and it’s fully equipped with efficiency systems and water conservation technology.

Find out more about this property here.

#2 Switzerland

If you are looking for a holiday home on the Swiss Alps, why not go green? Amongst the myriads of chalets available in the Villars region, you can also find eco-friendly chalets with stunning aesthetics. These chalets incorporate the traditional chalet character with more modern features and create a gorgeous result.

And not only are these homes next to one of the fanciest ski resorts in the world, but they also incorporate eco-friendly construction materials and technology that will help protect the Swiss surroundings.  

Find out more about this property here

#3 Colorado

The seven 35 acre lots that make up the McCormick Ranch have been used to their full capability to create a house and a burn that are too beautiful for words. Both the house and the barn comply with the highest environmental standards, including using reclaimed wood.

Not only is the house energy efficient, but it also has a large insulated water tank which collects heat from the solar water panels which helps produce extra heat when the sun is down.

Find out more about this property here

#4 Costa Rica

Peninsula Papagayo is a resort surrounded by a jungle and 21 gorgeous beaches. This resort is designed in such a way that not only embraces the amazing environment, but it also takes full advantage of the ocean and canopy views.

Find out more about this property here

Green homes point to the future and if you are considering buying or building a new home, it’s well worth looking into what luxury green homes can offer.

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