Luxury Living: The World's Weirdest Luxury Houses

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posted on Aug. 07, 2016

If you had enough money in the world to build or buy the house you've always wanted how would your luxury house be? These are the weirdest luxury houses in the world.

It seems like some of the world’s billionaires do not have a good taste with their luxury houses at all, whereas others do have a good taste even though sometimes it is plain weird. Some of us, when picking out our new house we think of the yard space, the number of bedrooms or how old the house is. Well, as it turns out others look at a few different options when choosing their dream house.

Here are the world’s weirdest luxury houses; you would never believe how far these rich people go with their houses!

#1 Antilia

Would you have expected that the first house on our list would be a one billion dollar house in India? This house is actually a Skyscraper Villa located in Mumbai and was built by a famous billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, who is the boss of the petrochemical Giant Relience Industries. The skyscraper house has a total of 27 floors, with every floor having a completely different design.

#2 Updown Court

The Englishmen definitely know how to build their luxury houses, too. This weird yet luxurious house is located 25 miles away from London and has the absurd price tag of $150 million. What make this so luxurious are the record-number of rooms- 103, five swimming pools and the 24-karat-Gold on the floor. And if all these aren’t enough, there is also a bowling alley, a tennis court and a 50 seat screening room. And if you want to travel the country with your limo, do not worry; there is enough place for 8 limos in the underground garage.

#3 Villa Leopolda

Did you know that this Villa was actually built for a real King and not just for someone who felt like one? He was King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902 and the luxury house is worth $750 Million. If you are a fan of the outdoors this house is perfect for you; you will find 1,200 lemon, orange, olive and cypress tress in the garden that is taken care of 50 full time gardeners. Is this a house or a farm?

#4 Versaille

Yes, you‘ve guessed that right. This modern and luxurious place was inspired by the great French architecture of Versailles, one of the greatest buildings in France. The house boasts 30 different bathrooms- think about it, you can use one for every day of the month! It also has a roller skate rink, a bowling alley and a massive swimming pool. No wonder this house costs $75 million, right?

#5 Barbie Malibu Mansion

This is the perfect mansion for all Barbie girls that want to feel like they are in their Barbie world. In honor of Barbie’s 50th birthday, this house was built inspired by Barbie’s dream house. Even though this house is only 3,500 square feet big and nowhere near as big as other luxury houses, this peculiar house also has a Barbie museum, a Barbie portrait made by Andy Warhol worth $200,000 and 50 pairs of pink high heels. This house also has a special location as it is located on the cliffs of Malibu, overlooking the Ocean.

#6 Bubble House

The bubble house was built in Cannes for French designer Pierre Cardin in the 70’s and it is a 1,200 meter bubble house with almost 13,000 square feet of modern architecture mainly created for all party goers. This is shown by the ten contemporary bedrooms and the weird slides that lead directly into the swimming pool. All 28 rooms are shaped like giant bubbles and none have any artwork on them- it was impossible due to the curves on the walls. This must be one fun house!

#7 Fallingwater

Pennsylvania is famous for its beautiful sceneries, mountains and countryside and this luxury house was built upon a waterfall. This may not be as strange as other houses on this list but it is definitely a very unique and breathtaking house. One of the most famous architects in America, Frank Lloyd Wright, built this house for his clients- the Kaufmann family- in 1936. It is now considered a national landmark with its beautifully decorated inside with modern furniture and stones aligned on the outside. What else would you expect from a waterfall house?

#8 N55 Walking House

Are you a small family who likes to travel around and hates staying in the same place for too long? Then we have the solution for you. The walking house offers you the option of having your own house while traveling around the world. Well, how, you ask? Well, N55 Walking House has artificial legs that allow the house to be mobile, therefore, whenever you are bored of living in the same area day after day you can just go wherever you want without leaving the building. This not-very-luxury-yet-very-weird house is ideal for a 4 person family, and was built in Copenhagen, Denmark.

#9 Gold Pyramid House

It’s true; nobody knows why or how the pyramids in Egypt were built- some believe it was an energy source for the ancient times. But we don’t know why Jim and Linda Onan wanted to design and build their own golden pyramid in Wadsworth, Illinois. This creative couple built the 17,000 square foot pyramid house in 1977 with a smaller pyramid garage next to it and a moat around it. The best thing about it is that they give out tours of their house to strangers as well so everyone can get a feel of what it means to live in a pyramid house.

#10 The Heliodome

France and its people are known for having a unique sense of style. The Heliodome, also known as the Sundial House, has some pretty unique architectural design and is situated in Alsace, France. The name wasn’t chosen in luck because, in reality, the house looks and acts like a sundial. But it isn’t just a weirdly shaped building; it has a purpose: the shape of it is lined with an entire wall of windows and is created in a way that it interacts with the way the sunlight hits the side of the building depending on the seasons. This way it is warm during winter and cooler during the summer months. How cool is that?

If you were ever wondering if there are any weird houses that can also be ideal for rich people and billionaires, then this list is the answer to all your questions.

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