Luxury Clubbing On The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams: LA’s Boulevard3

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posted on Dec. 05, 2016
by Rick Fo

Los Angeles has been home to many legendary clubs, from the Whiskey-A-Go-Go which played host to the most legendary rock acts of the 80’s, to the Roxy that saw people from Bob Marley and Neil Young perform. L.A. as the entertainment capital of world, you can expect it to offer more than the usual night out.

And it delivers in spades, from upscale to down and dirty rock and roll, L.A. offers anything that you might thirst for. Of course, since L.A. is known for its huge population of pop culture royalty, many of the night-time activities reflect this, offering an upscale experience in opulent spaces. One of these amazing venues is Boulevard3.

About Boulevard3

Boulevard 3 is a club that offers a quintessentially L.A. experience, equal parts opulence, luxury and sexy. And the clubs design makes sure this begins from the moment you step through the iron gate. The first area you will see in the club, is a long wide corridor with two reflecting pools and a 20 foot tall fireplace. To either sides of this impressive area is outdoor seating, which is perfect considering L.A.’s perpetual summers. The garden rooms are served by their own centrally located bar and offer the secluded intimacy of VIP seating. This scale and feeling of luxury permeates the interior of the club also, as guests are lead through an antechamber, designed to emulate a library in an English manor, before entering the main area of the club.

The ballroom of Boulevard3 is an immense space with 30 foot high vaulted ceilings, its own bar and ample room to accommodate a stage for sexy dance and music shows. This main space has three stories-worth of additional seating, ensuring that you will have a table to rest your drink as you sway your hips, and a place to park your behind, when you get weary of the beat.


Boulevard3 is host to numerous sexy events, from the obligatory New Years and Halloween party, to the more inventive Cancun in June, which is a sexy singles party       that features glo-bodypaint, body shots and jello shots, to get you loose and mingling. Oh, and the recommended dress code is “less is best”. If you want to get wet and wild the club also offers, Shower Shows (a show in which unfairly attractive dancers move sensually as water falls on them), Ladies Nights and Sextember (where the entire month revolves around sexiness).

Admission-Dress Code

Depending on the event the dress code changes pretty drastically, for example the glow parties usually feature body paint stations, so the less you wear the more paint you can get. If there are no events then it’s recommended to wear a collared shirt and dress shoes for men. There is also a cover charge, which also changes depending on the event. Keep your eyes peeled for the venue when you are on Sunset Boulevard because you might missed it, there are no signs or other indications, just its megalithic iron gate.

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