Live Where Oscar Wilde Died:  L ‘ Hotel, Paris

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posted on Dec. 22, 2016
by Rick Fo

Bohemian Paris was an exciting time in the city’s history, it was host to the Lost Generation and was the last place of residence and resting place of the famous writer Oscar Wilde. Although contemporary Paris is an exciting place, offering the best in haute cuisine and fashion, there are many that still romanticize Paris’ bohemian past.  

It has been the haven and home away from home for world renowned artists, writers and actors. Many even call Paris their eternal resting place. Composer Chopin, Conqueror and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Inventor of the Braille system Louis Braille, writer Victor Hugo and even rock star Jim Morison are interred in Paris. There is one famous individual though that not only is buried in Paris but lived the last part of his life there: Oscar Wilde. If you seek to stay in the hotel which was Wilde’s last earthy location, hoping some talent will rub off then you can. Just to make the experience especially unique, L ‘Hotel (the location of Wilde’s death) is also considered the smallest five star hotel in Paris.

The Cult of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde is a symbol and role-model in both academic and LGBTQ communities. His legendary flamboyant style, limitless wit and influential prose made him an iconic presence in the history of literature. His tomb is venerated and frequently visited, as is the hotel in which he left his last breath. Oscar Wilde wrote novels, poems and screenplays to great success during his life. Unfortunately after being prosecuted for a homosexual relationship and convicted to a hard labor camp, Wilde fled to Paris. There he would live out the rest of his life and die in a room which he hadn’t paid rent on for months.

L’ Hotel

The hotel that was the last stop on Wilde’s earthly journey, L’ Hotel is boasted as the smallest five star hotel in Paris and it delivers (at least on its five star status). Of course why stay in the other rooms when you can book the Oscar Wilde suite, the one the famous writer died in, has (luckily) been refurbished since the 1900s. If features a terrace and 35 sq. m. floor plan with opulent rich dark woods and a comfortable Queen bed. Who knows you might even get a visit from an unexpected mid-night guest (I’m talking about the ghost of Wilde not some random dude the hotel is very secure). One floor below the lobby you will be able to enjoy the Hammam pool and steam room that would make Wilde himself squeal with joy!

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