Let’s Talk Sex: How Important Is It Really In a Relationship?

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posted on Jun. 06, 2016

Because a relationship between two conceding adults should be physical as well, don’t you think?

Sure you might have a ton of things you enjoy doing with your SO. Most couples dig watching Netflix together for example (although I’d advise you to be wary of what Netflix can do to your relationship), you might even like to go out and party all night (though I’m yet to meet a couple who actually likes that). Whatever it is that you and your SO love doing together though, I’d say that sex should be one of those things as it’s essential for a healthy relationship.

Tbh, I don’t get why a grown up person would not want to have sex and if you’re with someone you really care about then you should definitely want to be naked with them. It’s only natural after all. But how important is sex in a relationship, really? Does it help keep it alive? Or is it insignificant?

You Can Have Sex as Often as You Like

The problem with our hectic lives is that we never have enough time to enjoy our nakedness with our SO. This means that there’s a good chance that you don’t have sex quite as often as you’d like to because you literally don’t have time for sex.

But that shouldn’t stress you out. It’s not like your relationship is going to fall apart because you can’t have sex on weekdays or anything. Research says that couples in healthy relationships have sex at least once a week, but that’s just numbers really. What really matters is that when given the opportunity you will want to have sex.

Sex Will Mean Different Things From Time to Time

Life is never uneventful and the more you stick it out with a person the more likely it is that the two of you will experience all sorts of changes in your lives, meaning that you’ll have different priorities from time to time. There might be something huge going on in your life which will inevitably put sex in the back seat for a while and that’s okay. Your lust for one another can’t be of the same intense at all times so don’t freak out if you or your partner are feeling less willing to connect sexually.

You and Your Partner Have Different Sex Drives

Which unfortunately is the bane of all our existences. Yes that’s right, despite the fact that you might be horny your boyfriend or girlfriend might not be quite as horny at that exact moment. Of course there’s a few solutions to get round that problem (no, forcing them is not an option), but you might want to give sweet-talk a go, or you can try masturbating in front of them (a tactic that never fails I should say) but if they are completely uninterested then don’t get angry, simply understand that they might not be up to it and make the best use of your sex toys on your own. A little self-pleasure goes a long way to self-love after all.

It’s fairly obvious then that sex is important in a relationship as it’s a way to love one another but don’t freak out, the lack of sex during certain periods of your relationship is to be expected. Just make sure that you eventually find one another between the sheets again.

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