It's Not Chlorine That Turns Your Eyes Red in The Pool: It's Pee!

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posted on Jun. 03, 2016

You can’t spell ‘pool’ without ‘p(ee)’.

Summer is here and this means only one thing: it is the perfect time to go for a swim in the pool.

Some people prefer swimming pools than beaches because nothing fishy can get in that water or nothing dangerous with sharp teeth or little sucky creatures can harm you. They also believe that pools are healthy because they are clean (chlorinated).

But how many times have you come out of a pool with red eyes? Yes, it is common knowledge (I hope) that chlorine might turn your eyes red.

But did you know that a pool’s chemical smell comes from chloramines, which are chemical irritants formed in pools when bodily fluids mix with chlorine?

In simple words, when you pee in a pool this gets mixed with chlorine and that forms chloramines. So what, you say? Well, these chloramines are very harmful for your body and that is why your eyes go red and your skin gets itchy.

What? Peeing in the pool is your ‘thing’? Who cares? You have to save others from getting red eyes, so please stop peeing now; there are special areas and rooms for that.

what do you think?


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