How To Ruin A Sure Thing And Not Get Sex

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posted on Jun. 23, 2016
by Rick Fo

So you thought because you are both naked that you were going to get some…you poor naïve fool. There are actually more ways to not have sex after you take off all your clothes. Here just a few.

Talking Dirty

This is especially true if you don’t know that your partner likes getting talked dirty to. The last thing you want to hear after you say “Did you make a mess? Does someone need a bath?” just for your partner to turn towards you and respond “What the hell did you just say?”

Putting Things In The Wrong Place

OK so some people like to put things in sensitive areas…if you haven’t spoken about it, try not to put fingers, toes or noses in crevasses that you would normally put them. Oh and yes your dick should be on that list too.


I understand you are an analytical mind…and you compulsively count everything…but counting ever thrust you make or he makes, every tongue flick and every slap and/or tickle can be a little off putting.


Singing anywhere with a voice that sounds like an opera singer being dragged through broken glass and red hot coals is offensive. It is especially when you are inside someone or someone is inside of you…just say no.

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