How to Become Successful In Life: Success Tips from Celebrities

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posted on Jul. 22, 2016

In order to become successful in life you should be in possession of skills, imagination, passion and success tips. This is how you can achieve success.

Success often seems like something elusive that only certain people are capable of acquiring. The reality however is that success is possible for all so long as we know how to go about achieving it. Of course since no one was born a success story, it’s important to look up to the people who’ve already made it and learn from them how to achieve success.

Their success tips can be valuable lessons on what to look out for and what to invest in so, although you should be cautious with success tips as they might mislead you, you should definitely read the ones below and figure out how they apply to your reality.

Remember that the success tips below come from self-made success stories so read what they have to say and think of how their advice can be applied to your reality and this should be able to help you push yourself forward.

#1 Do What You Love

You know you’re on the road to success if you would do your job and not be paid for it. 


You’ve probably heard by now that the only people who manage to achieve success in whatever it is that they do are people who truly love what they do and the truth is that loving what you do is by far one of the most important characteristics that can define your future success.

Oprah is one of the biggest success stories to date, coming from an abusive environment and a poor family, she became pregnant by her rapist at an early age and lost her baby in infancy. She’s come a long way since then and she’s now one of the most influential people in the world so her success tip is something you should definitely make a point of following. Doing what you love means that you’ll be more invested in what you do, which will increase your success chances tenfold and make it all the more likely for you to achieve success.

#2 Believe In Yourself


'May The Force Be With You’ is charming but it’s not important. What’s important is that you become the Force –for yourself and perhaps for other people.

' Harrison Ford'

We’ve always been told that being confident matters and the truth is that nobody has ever managed to achieve success without being self-confident so it’s important to start believing in yourself. You need to understand your potential because that is the only way you’re going to be able to pursue your future success.

Harrison Ford’s success tip is important as it points out that although we tend to believe that we’ll be aided along the way by some all-powerful source the reality is that we are the only ones that can help ourselves move forward.

We should become our own driving agents because if there’s one person who can help you achieve success that is yourself and you should put all your trust in yourself in order to make the most of each situation.

#3 Don’t Allow Fear to Hold You Back

Don’t be afraid of failure. 


The key to success is being able to find what the right risk to take is and to take it. But in order to find the right risk, you’re going to need to take a series of risks that probably won’t work out for you and will most definitely lead you to failure. But, you shouldn’t be afraid of taking those risks, even if you’ll fail because of them, as even failures can teach you valuable lessons.

How will you ever know what the right path to take is if you’ve never been on the wrong path for example? Failure can teach you this and lots of other valuable lessons and this is why you shouldn’t be afraid of failures.

Beyonce is the most influential celebrity at the moment and she’s a beacon to many people who are looking to succeed in life, yet she admits that failure has been as big part of her life as it is to any person who’s managed to achieve success and she says that not only should you accept failure as part of life, but that you should also embrace it as it can help you grow as an individual.

So don’t be afraid of taking risks because you might fail. Simply accept that failure is part of the story and figure out ways to make the most of your failure so that it does not drag you down.

#4 Explore Your Talents

Beauty is no accomplishment on its own. It’s what you do with it. 

'Padma Lakshmi'

It’s important to understand that even if you’re the most talented person on earth, if you don’t know what to do with your talents it can be impossible to become successful and the reason for that is that talents on their own cannot actually get you anywhere.

You need to learn how to use your talents to your advantage and this is why this success tip is important. Success is never granted to anyone, it’s something you need to pursue and something for which you need to work hard so it’s important to learn how to make use of your talents, whatever they may be, as they can aid you in your pursuit of success.

Indian born Padma Lakshmi definitely knows what she’s talking about with this success tip as she herself is a self-made success story who has managed to make the most of her talents in order to become the first Indian woman in the world to have walked on catwalks all over Europe. She has often said that growing up in an environment where she was bullied on a daily basis because of her colour was very harsh and that it caused her to loathe herself, but she eventually managed to put it behind her as she realized that the only way to succeed was by investing in herself.

#5 Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to contribute to your ideas.

'Tina Fey'

Although success requires hard work that’s definitely not the only main ingredient you need in order to achieve success. In fact, in order to become successful all you really need is to be creative. Think of success stories such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, what all these powerful people have in common is that that they were not afraid to put their imagination at work and create new products.

Similarly, you shouldn’t be afraid of being creative and contributing your ideas. If you’re striving to become a successful entrepreneur remember that coming up with a new idea that’s both innovative and creative can set you on the road to success right from the start.

#6 Be Realistic

Know your limits. 

'Lady Gaga'

Although you’ve probably heard many times that you can reach for the sky if you are serious about achieving success then you need to be realistic and understand what you can realistically achieve from the beginning. That does not mean that you should try to contain your dreams, it only means that you should be in touch with reality and know your limits.

Lady Gaga’s success tip stems from personal experience as she admits that there was a time when she had started saying yes to every deal that came her way. Soon she found herself losing her passion for work and without time to explore her own artistic ideas. Upon realizing that by overextending herself she had managed to lose touch with her potential to achieve success, she made a point of recommitting to her dreams.

What this success tip reminds us is that at times it can be hard to keep touch with reality at times but it’s important to know our own limits in order to achieve success, otherwise we might drift from our path.

If you’re looking to achieve success remember that it’s always within your grasp so long as you follow these success tips and focus on finding something creative and committing to it.

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