How to Afford Just About Anything You Want

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posted on Sep. 18, 2016
by Mary Lu

Everyone wants to own something they don’t have or don’t really need. This is just how people are wired to perform. But is this possible without cash?

Have you ever woken up with the feeling ‘today I am just going to hit the stores and buy whatever the hell I want?’ I know you like buying stuff because it just makes you feel better and especially in case of buying clothes and luxury accessories - it even makes you look better! I guess this could be just another way to treat yourself for the lousy birthday you had again this year and the presents you didn’t get on the day, while spending the day home alone and drinking tequila to avoid all of the sorrow.

But just when you begin to believe that you actually deserve to own something really good and pricey, the fact that you are money-less – and probably job-less, quickly brings you back to the harsh reality; once again, you are broke and there is nothing you can do about it…Or wait is there?

When you are broke and every hope seems to be lost, there might still be something that’s worth trying out. In fact, there is a way to buy anything you want, but it will probably need some real guts and patience. Are you ready for it?

Keep Your ‘Pig’ Bucks Safe

Want to be able to buy anything you want? Here’s a simple advice: Just buy a pig money box and keep some money on the side. You might think that pigs are useless but there are some things they are good at and in this case, they can become your best friends. Not sure about that? Just think about this; when your sister was saving the money she got from mom and dad in the pretty pinky-cute little money bank, she waited and waited until she was able to raise enough to buy all of the pretty dresses and latest fashion products. Whereas you were always quick to waste your money on useless stuff that would eventually be found in the trash. So, what’ who’s going to be clever one around now?

What Do You Need?

Needs and wants usually go hand-in-hand. But if you want to buy a new car, invest on personal vacations, or even buy your own island you first have to create a plan for it and then collect, save, wait, collect, save and wait. That’s kind of a big sacrifice. You also have to think if what you want to buy is something that will serve a real life purpose to make sure you are not just spending money on impulse.  Not only that but do you actually have a place to keep your new toy? Do you actually have a garage that can fit the 3.4 million worth Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Give Me Your Money!

When you are in desperate need of money, you just ask other people to become your sponsors. Of course borrowing money isn’t the best or the smartest move you can make, but most people who do it never get to return the money back to the source. Once you get the money, invest in what you need the most. In a couple of years, you will be half-way to becoming the happiest man – or cat, alive.


Get Over Your Greedy Money-Brain 

In this world, you learn that success it’s all about how much money you have and how many cars and yachts you own. But even most of the richest celebrities on earth – those of course who haven’t been lucky enough as to come from insanely wealthy parents (see Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and so on) have struggled with money in the beginning of their careers. These people probably had to say no to some of the biggest money-traps as inexperienced investors, but only for a little while. Just watch and learn.


If you are just another average person – and by that I mean you are not a celebrity or known for anything you don’t have to let your hopes down just yet. Turns out, there is still hope for us common folks. And no you don’t need to do what ‘The Secret’ says. Just look at what other people and serious investors do and how they manage their money. It certainly isn’t difficult for them and shouldn’t be for you.

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