Hottest Female Athletes of the 2016 Olympics

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posted on Aug. 25, 2016
by Rick Fo

You can be talented, athletic or attractive, seldomly can you be all three. Well these ladies have it all and more. They are beautiful Olympians of '16

It’s one thing to be athletically gifted, since you work out almost every day so it’s a given that you will have a perfect body. Now certain, envious people have natural beauty also…and that just isn’t fair. Well at least we can admire these, Olympian demi-gods. Here are some of the most face-meltingly beautiful female athletes of this year’s Olympics in Rio.

The Twins

Although they more known for their breast implants than their athletic prowess, the twins Bia and Branca Feres are T.V. personalities in their native Brazil and actually tried to participate in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The twins actually had been swimming since they were three, and managed to place second in the Pan American Junior Games in 2005.

Aly Raisman

This young and stunning lady is a very highly accomplished Olympian with a total of three gold medal, one silver and one bronze. She also numerous international distinctions and of course national ones.

Jade Jones

This woman would knock you out, even if she does have the face and smile of an angel. Jade Jones is Great Britain’s champion female Taekwondo fighter that has taken home two gold medals for her country. Once in London in 2012 and this year during the Rio Olympics. She also has numerous European and World Championships under her (black) belt.

Ali Krieger

Although she didn’t win the gold for the United States, she did participate in two World Cup Championships and even assisted the United States in beating France this year in Rio. With a body like she has though I doubt you can hold it against her.

Tonia Couch

A very accomplished athlete on the national and European level Tonia Couch unfortunately didn’t manage to snag a medal this year. She is still relatively young though so let’s hope we see her next Olympic games…just cross all your fingers and toes, remember she’ll be wearing a swimsuit.

Aliya Mustafina

Aliya Mustafina is an astounding, almost super-human gymnast than has almost more medals than Michael Phelps. In total this total package of a woman has two golds, two silvers and three bronze medals. Her most recent win being getting the gold for her uneven bar routine.

Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch

Marie-Laurence is a French born athlete that competes in the high jump on behalf of Germany. I know that doesn’t sound right but her father is French and her mother is German, and her family moved to Germany when she was just three years old.

Pernille Blume

OK so I might saved the best for last, this stunning perfect example of a human being is Danish swimmer Pernille Blume, not only is she beautiful she is also a Olympic level athlete. She won two medals one gold, the first for Denmark in swimming since 1948 and one bronze.  


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