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posted on Aug. 28, 2016
by Rick Fo

We all have certain gadgets that we would have a hard time being without most people would probably say their phone. Here are some of showbiz's favourites.

Some of the choices makes sense, like obscenely priced head phones and Justin Beiber, perplexingly creepy mRobo Ultrabass, portable speaker robot…thing.

Here are some celebrity’s favourite tech accessories.



As perplexing as quantum physics is for non-quantum physicists is celebrities loyal, hardcore adhesion to Blackberry phones. I’m not talking about D and Z-List celebrities either, people like Bat-fleck (affectionately known to his friends as Ben Afflect), Chloe Sevigny, Katy Perry, Bono, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and many, many more use this seemingly out-dated device. There is a reason for mass adaptation of Blackberry though, it allows celebrities to message people almost completely incognito using Blackberry’s proprietary messaging service, that works exclusively with the handsets pin as identification. It allows celebs to add, remove and block users from contacting them and if their Blackberry pin becomes widely known they just dispose of it and get a new one.


There are so many celebrity designed, produced or backed headphones that it makes your head spin, of course the most famous amongst the bass-droppers are the Beats by Dre. Ludacris everyone’s favourite Dirty South rapper (well, mine at least) has his own line of headphones called Soul. Ludacris’s audio offering is much more well accepted compared to Beats and is actually frequently compared to very high quality Bose headphones.

Apple Products

There is a slew of celebrities that swear by the late Steve Jobs’ creations like they were religious artefacts, from their Macbooks, to iPads and iPhones everyone from geeky Micheal Cerra to the unscrupulously hot Blake Lively (wife to Deadpool or Ryan Reynolds to the Layman) seem permanently attached to their iDevice.

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