Funky Fashion Trends Straight From The Streets Of Tokyo

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posted on May. 05, 2016
by Rick Fo

So you might remember Japan’s absolutely insane subcultures, that emulated greasers and rockers or donned what looked like 7 tons of make-up and about 15.32 tons of plastic chotskies. Here’s an image to better illustrate.

But in recent years Tokyo’s position as the fashion capital for people with mild brain damage has been replaced with its status as a genuine fashion forward city joining the list of cities that is usually at the bottom of boutique store’s bags (gawd you’re so helpless its: Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and L.A. usually). The pink has replaced by black and the accessories have been stripped down to simple clean watches and bags…but it gets infinitely cooler folks

There has been a resent emergence of a distinctly Japanese inspired street fashion trend. From famous classic Japanese sukajan (souvenir jackets) to street clothes designers adopting kanji print and distinctly Japanese motifs, Japanese culture is cool in Japan again.


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