French Fine Dining In Hong Kong: Caprice

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posted on Dec. 25, 2016
by Rick Fo

You’d think that the best place to enjoy French cuisine would actually be in France, and you wouldn’t be wrong. This doesn’t mean that you can enjoy French cuisine outside Le Petit Paris though. Just to spin the paradigm on its head, were you can get Cantonese (Chinese) food all over the globe, how about trying French cuisine in Hong Kong?

Now I know you probably won’t take my word for it, well I wouldn’t either, but Caprice has more than that. It actually is a Michelin Star awarded French restaurant. So in ultimate irony, sooty French people actually gave a restaurant a star outside their amazing French food making France. It must be mind-blowingly good!

Michelin Star French Cuisine

Yes, sorry I had to reiterate that a French restaurant outside of France was given a French reward of culinary excellence. I just love the irony of it. Irony aside, there is probably no higher guarantee of culinary quality than a Michelin Star, except maybe two Michelin Stars. Or Three.  Although I am always an advocate of taking advantage of the joys of local cuisine, and if you are a star snob, there is even a dim sum restaurant with one in HK that we wrote about, but sometimes you need to impress. And nothing is as impressive as a high dinning experience, in a five star hotel.

The Caprice is housed in the world famous Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong and not only offers a stunning culinary but also dining experience. The French menu infused with Moroccan influences by Chef de Cuisine, Fabrice Vulin features vegetables flown in from France daily, one of the few cheese cellars in Hong Kong and a rich selection of French wines.


The menu offers an updated French menu with Middle Eastern notes and influences. The guest will be able to see the Chef at work from the open kitchen, but also offers a more intimate experience in a private seating area designed for 12 guest. Patrons can also book a chef’s table which allows them to be at the beating heart of the culinary choreography, as the chef prepares his signature dishes in-front of them.


The atmosphere is undeniably upscale, not only is the restaurant an opulently design French restaurant it is housed in one of the premier five star hotel chains, the Four Seasons. There are no less than a battalion of 25 chefs preparing the culinary gold you are being served under Chinese inspired chandeliers made of Czech Crystal (otherwise known as Bohemian Crystal). Diners will sit in luxurious capitone leather and velvet seats while receiving white glove service. The restaurant attempts to recreate the exquisite atmosphere of a French restaurant from the previous century, and it successfully achieves this. With a rich earthy palate and warm textiles the interior of the restaurant seems like a place Hemingway would find in Paris and drink an inhuman amount of scotch, while punching a lion in the face in.

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