First Ever Private Trip to the Moon Has Been Approved

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posted on Aug. 12, 2016

Going to the moon used to be unattainable, but with the first private trip being approved, space can be your oyster. This is everything you need to know.

Up until now you could only dream of making the exclusive trip to the moon and back if you were an astronaut, but as being an astronaut isn’t exactly the luxury lifestyle most of us desire, most of us end up longing to travel to space while being fully aware that our dream will never become true.

However things are looking up now, as the first ever private lunar trip has been approved. Although the first private spacecraft that will land on the moon will be unmanned, this decision opens doors for other companies and organizations as well.

What’s important though is that this decision opens doors when it comes to making the most of the moon’s resources. So if you’re a business savvy entrepreneur you might want to look into the opportunities that arise from private trips to the moon.

The Decision

Moon Express Inc. filed a request to become the first company to travel to the moon and although nobody expected that this request would be approved, the United States Government has decided to allow Moon Express to become the first ever company to make a private trip to the moon.

The trip is expected to take place in 2017 and it’s expected to initiate the beginning of a new era; an era where commercial lunar exploration and discovery will have the first seat in unlocking the potential of the moon’s resources.

Before this decision, commercial companies were limited to Earth’s orbit and this decision marks a first as Moon Express will be the first commercial company to travel beyond Earth’s orbit. As Moon Express puts it, the US government’s decision marks ‘an important precedent for the private sector to engage in peaceful space exploration, bringing with it monumental implications for the advancement of technology, science, research, and development, as well as commercial ventures that expand Earth’s economic sphere’.

What Does This Mean For Us

Although it will be years before commercial companies have the means or the permission to transport people onto moon’s surface you can expect to make the exclusive trip to the moon sooner that you thought.

It won’t be long before luxurious holiday packages are offered to people who are interested in an out of this world experience and although the cost of this kind of luxurious travel is expected to be high, if you lead a luxury lifestyle you should rest assured that things will be easier for you.

However, it’s not just the luxurious vacation that you should be concerned with, just think about the career perspectives. For all we know, in a few decades time we could be the next Captain Kirk with a mission to go where no man has gone before.

This is an exciting time to live in and I’m sure that you are as excited as we are about the prospects of lunar and space travel.

Would you be interested in traveling across the universe? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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