Fast Facts About The Trillion Dollar Family: The Rothschilds

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posted on Aug. 23, 2016
by Rick Fo

You might not know the Rothschild family but I'm sure you know their invention: international finance. The world's first global bankers they are mysterious and rich

Also known at the wealthiest family in human history the Rothschilds have dominated global finance since their patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild invented it. Although Mayer began with personal loans, he soon realized that financing on a government level was infinitely more profitable than personal financing. Mayer’s five sons were each sent to a different European financial hub to continue their financing of governments and nefariously of wars. The Rothschild sons were sent to Frankfurt, Vienna, London/Manchester (an industrial hub at the time), Naples and Paris. They came to be known as the “Five Arrows of Banking”.

The Five Arrows Where Barons

Although that sounds like the name of a hipster band, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s five sons where all made barons by Austrian Emperor Francis I. Later on the Queen of England allowed Nathan Mayer Rothschild, which live in England to use his “Baron” title and for his male descendants to be able to inherent it. He was given his title by the Emperor strangely a few years after his older brothers.  

Nathan Beat Napoleon

Although they have bought government bonds throughout history, which indirectly finance war effort the Rothschilds stayed neutral during the Napoleonic wars. Until their business and finances started being at risk that is. Around the beginning of the 1800s Nathan started financing the British war effort including financing the British allies to the tune of $900 million of today’s money. Not without cashing in though. As legend says, Nathan had people watching the pivotal Battle of Waterloo and when the tides turned in favour of the British a messenger rushed to inform the authorities…I mean Nathan. Then Nathan went to the British stock exchange, dumped all his government bonds creating a selling frenzy, because the bond holders thought the Battle of Waterloo was lost, only to purchase as much as he could at a deflated price. When word of Britain’s victory was heard, the values of the government bonds increased immediately and exponentially.


Due to their numerous descendants the Rothschilds’ wealth today has been spread out through multiple family members. Its estimated that the Rothschild wealth is around $350 billion, with higher estimates reaching 1 trillion dollars in accumulative wealth. The way the family preserved this was to internally marry like the royal families in Europe, as in inbreed.

They Set Gold Prices For Years

Ok well that isn’t exactly accurate but it did happen in a tiny room at the Nathan Mayer Rothschild London headquarters. For some reason they really like feeding those conspiracy theorists. The N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd. has served the nobility of the Royal Court for centuries, both as financiers and as financial advisors. In fact Sir Evelyn Rothschild was personal financial advisor to Queen Elizabeth II.


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