Fascinating Fast Facts About Ferrari

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posted on Aug. 29, 2016
by Rick Fo

Ferrari is legendary amongst car aficionados, they are fast, extremely powerful, luxurious and sexy to boot. And red. Here are some great Ferrari facts.

If you are unfamiliar with the legendary Enzo Ferrari, then why are you even reading this article? Allow me to enlighten you, Enzo Ferrari was a impressively successful race car driver that later went into car design and manufacturing. The name Ferrari is synonymous with sexy super cars, speed and of course Italy.

Once you see the vibrant red colour and prancing horse on the hood, you know it a Ferrari. Here are some fast fascinating facts about Ferrari.

Modena Home to The Man And The Legend

Although Enzo Ferrari travelled almost all of the cotenants and flew almost every sea, his home was Modena, so when he hung up his racing helmet he descided to establish his sports car company in Modena and then Maranello which is the next town over.

The Prancing Horse Emblem

Any fan of Ferrari that is shown a horse rearing up on its hind legs on a field of bright yellow will immediately say “Ferrari”. But legends says that the parents of a dead Ace pilot of WWI recommended Ferrari use their son’s emblem for luck. It was a horse rearing back on its hind legs. Ironically Ferrari first used the now iconic symbol when he was racing for Alpha Romeo.

He Couldn’t Use His Name

During his time racing with Alpha Romeo, it was part of his contract that Enzo wouldn’t use the name Ferrari for four years after he left the company. The reason was that the name Ferrari and Alpha Romeo where extremely tightly associated and didn’t want fans to be confused as Ferrari broke out on his own.

He Only Made Two Version of His First Car…And Destroyed Them

The first car Ferrari made was the now legendary 125S. It became legendary not only for its performance, winning an unheard of 6 circuits of the Terme di Caracalla. You might think that one of the only two first Ferraris would be worth billions, but in actuality they aren’t worth anything…because they don’t even exist. Ferrari dismantled them to use the parts for other cars.

He Was Assigned The Iconic Colour


Even though Ferraris are offered in an immense variation of colours, purist Ferrari fan would accept their cars in nothing but Rosso Scuderia. The funny thing is that Ferrari had no say in the colour choice but was the default colour assigned to all Italian race team cars by the International Automobile Federation.



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