Dark And Disgusting Secrets of the Rich

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posted on Aug. 22, 2016
by Rick Fo

We've all heard about conspiracies regarding the wierd tastes of the rich and famous, from the edible to the sexual. Some of those secrets are terrifying though.

Some of the richest people in the world have preserved their wealth not through strategic purchases or investments but through keeping the wealth in the family, by only marrying family. Yes one of the world’s most powerful, most wealthy family is entirely inbred. Everyone enjoys a little gossip so here are some the dark and disgusting secrets of the rich.


Raping His 3 Year Old Daughter

Most lists start with less shocking and build up, but if you are going to read about one heinous act of the horribly rich, it should be the disgusting sub-human crime of Robert H Richard’s IV rape of his three year old daughter. If you are unfamiliar with the name Richard’s is the heir to monolithic chemical company DuPont. He actually even plead guilty for the rape of his 3 year old daughter, which normally would have put him behind bars for more than 15 years, or gotten him killed because even the most hardened criminals are disgusted by paedophiles. Instead he was initially put on a level 3 probation for eight months, which mandates weekly probation officer visits, but even that was down-graded to Level 2 which mandates just monthly probation officer visits. Although the case that was levied against him was from damages, he has not paid anything to his children.

Slashed Wife With A Knife and Branded Her With An Iron

Domestic abuse is a rampant phenomenon in our society, almost twice the amount of soldiers that die in Iraq and Afghanistan, 11.766 are women die at the hands of their domestic partner. Cambridge educated, £90,000 a year earner Colin “I’m A Horrible Human” Read might have contributed, or might contribute to this static in the near future. After moving to London with his wife Elizabeth Axe, that was a medical student at the time, Read entered the extremely lucrative but stressful job of management consulting. Although no profession is stressful enough to justifying his act of getting off work and finding that his wife hadn’t made him sandwiches for the next day, grabbing a knife and slashing the bottoms of her feet as she slept. Or the fact that his work was having a beach party event and his shirt with palm trees was unironed, so he decided to brand…brand his wife, by pressing a hot steam iron into her back.  Elizabeth was so terrified that she wouldn’t even talk to the police, instead her friends did. When the case went to court the judge let Read off with a £2,000 fine…for slashing his wife’s feet while she slept and branding her with an iron. The judge thought that even if he gave Read community service, he works so much he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his obligation.

Vehicular Manslaughter – Without Repercussion



Meet Thor Batista, son of billionaire oil tycoon Eike Batista, which killed a man riding a bicycle after hitting him in his dad’s super-car. He was ordered to $400,000 to the man’s family as retribution for his death, which he never did and had his licence suspended for two years, a ruling he never adhered to and was seen driving luxury cars all over Rio during that period. During the court-case experts where brought in to reconstruct the accident and estimated that Thor was driving at speeds in excess of 135 km/h. Mysteriously this expert testimony was thrown out. Then in late 2015 the entire case was thrown out. In some sort of karmic or divine justice, the Batista oil empire is slowly imploding, due to mismanagement and low production.

More Vehicular Man-Slaughter

When you control 1 Billion dollars worth of assets for one of the most nefarious and power banks in the world Morgan Stanley, you can probably get away with murder. You can definitely get away with a hit and run though. Martin Joel Erzinger was drying his new Mercedes in Colorado when he hit a cyclist from behind and fled the scene. Although Martin Joel Erzinger claimed that he didn’t realize he hit someone, he did try to get rid of the evidence by stopping mid-way through his trip to ask for an emergency repair by Mercedes. Allegedly. When the case went to court, all felony charges were dropped and he was sentenced to one year probation and 90 days of charitable work, which was later lowered to 45 days.

The Rothschild’s Cousins

If you have read even one conspiracy theory article, then I’m sure you’ve heart of the Rothschild family. If you haven’t the Rothschild are a huge and extremely wealthy family that have descendants in extremely high places both political and financial. They are all probably cousins too. In an attempt to keep the wealth within the family, Rothschild’s patriarch made it extremely or impossible to inherit the families wealth if you didn’t marry your first cousin (at least, gross but true). Another family that followed suit, this time in the new world, is the chemical magnate family DuPont (see paedophile entry above) which also married first cousins. Beyond that the royal families in Europe have been doing this for millennia. In fact right before WWI the Tsar of Russia, the King of England and The Emperor of Germany were cousins. Queen Victoria and her Husband Albert were first cousins and it is believed that the frequent cases of haemophilia in the royal families across Europe is a result of this interbreeding, since it is a result of both parents have a genetic tendency for the disorder. Also it is speculated that the mental instability of many monarchs in history was a result of intermarriage as the would just constantly pass on these genes to their offspring.

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