Celebrity Kids: How Spoilt Are They Really?

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posted on Jul. 20, 2016

Not all celebrity kids are raised the same way, but most of them are constantly showered with very expensive gifts. Do you know just how spoilt they are?

Celebrity kids are always envied for the luxury lifestyles they lead; they live in luxury mansions with swimming pools and Jacuzzis, money is never an issue and everything their heart desires can be theirs in an instant.

And while for most kids buying expensive sneakers is considered luxury, the kids in the list below lead such truly luxurious lifestyles that one can only imagine what it must be like for them. It thus stands to reason that some, if not all, of these celebrity kids get really spoilt, and I don’t mean spoilt as in being ill-mannered brats, but in the sense that their lifestyles are so luxurious that they are often completely out of touch with the reality of the rest of us.  

The 15 kids featured on the list below know nothing but luxury lifestyles. They receive million dollar presents with every occasion and they truly know no limits.

Go through the list below and let us know who you think is the most spoilt of them all.

#1 Max Liron Bratman



Christina Aguilera’s son Max Bratman knows nothing but a luxury lifestyle; his mum spares no expense when it comes to giving her first born everything his little heart desires. In fact, Christina is so dead set on making her little boy happy that she did not think twice before paying a design firm to make young Max’s room look like a yacht. She was so determined to make her son a replica that she had them working for four months on the and of course the making of this celebrity kid’s nursery did not come in cheap either, it cost Christina Aguilera more than $30,000.

#2 Beckham Brothers



Aside from the Jolie-Pitt kids, these kids have the best-looking parents in the world. And not only do these celebrity kids know how to live in style (attending fashion shows with their parents and hitting the red carpet every other day) but they are also spoilt rotten. The brothers are often showered with expensive gifts from mum Victoria and dad David; Brooklyn Beckham alone received one of the most expensive birthday gifts a 6 year old could get for his birthday;  a $50,000 worth tree-house to play with his brothers, while a while later the brothers received a $20,000 playhouse for when they’re bored of hanging out in nature.

#3 Justin Combs



Lots of 16 years old get cars for their sweet 16, but business mogul P.Diddy took things one step further when it came to his son’s Justin Dior’s birthday. The 16 year old got a silver Maybach that was worth $360,000. He was also thrown a lavish party with lots of celebrity guests and was gifted a $10,000 cheque to open his first bank account with.

#4 Valentina Pinault



Valentina Pinault has some excellent genes although she’s still too young to appreciate it. Mum Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, while her dad is the business savvy Kering CEO. And as if her genes were not enough, Valentina’s parents are also worth billions. Luckily for Valentina she’s not going to need to go on a house hunt when she grows as her parents are holding an estate worth $12 million in her name. The estate requires $50,000 a month to maintain but it doesn’t look like her parents are particularly concerned about that.

#5 Kingston Rossdale



Gwen Stefani’s kids have been dubbed the most stylish celebrity kids of all time and not only do these kids know how to dress in style, but they also know how to party in style. For his fourth birthday, Kingston Rossdale got a rockstar themed party that cost a whopping $15,000.

#6 Louis Bardo Bullock



Louis Bardo Bullock is Hollywood’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock’s son. This baby is not only as cute as they come, but he also got an authentic Andy Warhol painting that cost $14,000 for his first birthday. Although it may have been an atypical gift for an 1-year old, it was definitely a good investment.

#7 Barron Trump



You might think that 7 years olds don’t really need to do something to maintain their youth, but Barron Trump would tell you differently. Donald Trump's son has been enjoying caviar skin treatments ever since he was 7. 

#8 Harper Beckham



Harper, daughter to Victoria and David Beckham, is one of the prettiest kids in the world. Her relationship with her dad is envied by many and any public appearance of the two manages to steal the show. For her first birthday, Harper’s dad commissioned Damien Hirst to paint Harper her first ever painting. The painting features a huge pink heart and butterflies and it now adorns Harper’s princess-like room.

#9 Emme and Max Muniz



Jennifer Lopez’s twins were born into a luxury lifestyle and not only because of their parents’ high net worth, or the mansions and the luxury cars, but also because a ‘welcome to the world’ party was thrown in their honour. The twins were dressed in matching designer outfits and they were given diamond rattlers as gifts, while their guests included the Beckhams, Elton John and Eva Longoria.

#10 Zahara Jolie-Pit



Rumour has it that each Jolie-Pitt kid leads a truly luxurious lifestyle; each has their own nannies and they have lots of luxury mansions to roam freely about. Zahara got a completely new wardrobe for her 8th birthday while she also got a princess themed party that cost a whopping $20,000.

#11 Prince George



Although technically not a celebrity kid, Prince George is as much sought after by the paparazzi as any other celebrity kid. Apart from the royal gifts that Prince George receives on his birthdays and every other occasion imaginable, Prince George has also received a diamond encrusted nail clipper that’s worth$1.6 million for his first birthday.

#12 Zachary Furnish-John

Zachary is Elton John’s and David Furnish’s son and although his dads have often said that Zachary and his brother Elijah are taught the value of money they are also often showered with expensive gifts. Most notably, Zach received his own flat back in 2011. The flat is worth $2 million and it’s adjoined to his parents’ house.

#13 Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise is one of the most renowned celebrity kids. Suri being the expert fashionista that she is does not only celebrate her birthday in style but she also designer clothes as birthday gifts. Often adorned in Gucci Kids, Suri loves to grab a Starbucks on her way to mani-pedi with mum Katie Holmes.

#14 North West

North West basically has a career of her own. She’s one of the most well-loved celebrity kids in the world and every public appearance North becomes an instant sensation. Of course, Kim and Kynie do not think twice before spending their huge net worth on their first-born. Whether that’s a Disneyland extravaganza birthday party, or a Coachella style party, North has become world famous for her birthday parties. One of North’s favourite designers is Stella McCartney and she often sports Stella McCartney clothes in public appearances.

#15 Blue Ivy Carter

Queen Bey’s daughter couldn’t have anything but a luxury lifestyle, and Blue certainly knows how to make the most of what life has given her. At age 4 Blue already enjoys royalty status and although her parents originally tried to keep her away from the spotlight, Blue has been making more and more appearances as of late.

When it comes to spoiling her, Blue’s parents literally have no restrictions, from diamond earrings and a diamond bathtub, Blue certainly has it all. She’s also received a diamond encrusted Barbie doll, thousands of worth flowers, a leather jacket and sports shoes to match her dad’s. Blue recently threw a fairy themed party that definitely topped every other celebrity kid birthday party we’ve ever seen.

Have you ever received lucrative presents as a kid? Or were you as spoilt as any of these kids? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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