Celebrity Birthdays: How Do Celebrities Really Celebrate Their Birthdays?

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posted on Jul. 17, 2016

Are celebrity birthdays what we imagine them to be? Are they feasts of luxury? Or are they somewhat  low-key events? Find out what they’re really like.

For most people celebrating your birthday is a chance to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, sit with family and be reminded of your youth and maybe even throw a party where a couple of people will get drunk. But do celebrities celebrate their birthday the same way?

We tend to think of celebrity birthdays as an opportunity for the birthday boy or girl to celebrate in luxury, drink expensive champagne, meet with their celebrity friends and have the time of their lives. But do celebrities really celebrate like that?

Some Celebrities Prefer Low-Key Events

While we think of the showbiz as a uniform pool of celebrities who all think, do and like the same things, the reality is that celebrities are just as diverse as we, normal folk are. No two celebrities are identical and therefore it stands to reason that no two celebrities will like the same things.

So while we may think of celebrity birthdays as a series of extravagant parties, the reality is that not all celebrities like to feast in luxury. For example, multi-talented Chrissy Teigen has said that she likes to relax on her birthday and although I’m sure that Chrissy Teigen’s relaxing involves a lot more luxury than ours (I imagine spas and massages are included in this relaxing of hers), I can guarantee you that she does not eat cake.

On the other hand, TV personality Lauren Conrad celebrates her birthday exactly like you’d picture celebrity birthdays. She plans multiple parties, one of which always involves a night out in Vegas and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t party in luxury as well.

Other celebrities like to celebrate in style, Sienna Miller for example likes to get together with friends and drink wine and eat cheese and although her wine and cheese (which needs to be un-pasteurized mind you)  probably cost more than most people’s rent, it’s lovely to know that some celebrities remain normal even when they are celebrating their birthday.

But How Does Age Factor In?


Of course how celebrities will choose to party on their celebrity birthdays can be directly related to their age. Although that’s not true for everyone, it’s true for many celebrities. And I suppose that if you’ve celebrated enough birthdays in luxury the buzz eventually wears off.

German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld for example, who’s turning 83 this year, says he hates his birthday so much that he does not only never have a birthday party, but that he also can’t remember when his birthday is.  

On the other hand, Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland, who’s 25 years old, says she loves celebrating her birthday and that eating cake and opening presents are her two favourite things to do on her birthday. Of course, like most young people’s celebrity birthdays, she definitely knows how to party in luxury, although she says that one of her favourite birthday parties ever was her 22nd which she celebrated in Disney World.

But that does not mean that older celebrities do not enjoy celebrating their birthdays in luxury. When Michelle Obama turned 50 for example, she took advantage of the fact that she was living in the White House and threw one of the most memorable celebrity birthdays in history. Memorable to those who attended of course, because the rest of us have no clue what went down. Her guests included Beyonce, Jay Z and Stevie Wonder so we can only guess that Michelle went full-blown luxury.

Some Celebrity Birthdays Are Crazier That Others

Back in 2003, Paris Hilton was celebrating her 21st birthday. The rich socialite was in the prime of her fame back then and she took full advantage of it and threw a massive five-day birthday party. Spread across five different time-zones, London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Paris Hilton spend $75,000 on each guest in order to spend her birthday in luxury and we are sure that this celebrity birthday extravaganza will remain in history.

Kim Kardashian’s 30th birthday was celebrated in similar frenzy and although Kim did not spend as much on her guests, that does not mean she did not spend a lot anyway. Apart from the very expensive champagne that was served at the party, Kim also had an $1 million birthday cake made for her. Her cake was made of diamonds and we sure hope that for $1 million it tasted like luxury itself.

Sir Philip Green, business mogul and chairman of Arcadia, a retail company that includes brands such as Topshop and Wallis, also had one of those celebrity birthdays that are meant to be envied. His 60th birthday celebration bash lasted for four days and it’s rumoured to have cost a whopping $10 million.  He booked Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, Enrique Iglesias and Stevie Wonder to perform and invited all his A-list friends to party in luxury throughout his birthday celebration.

And What About Celebrity Kids?

Although most celebrities won’t think twice before spending vast amounts of money in order to celebrate their celebrity birthdays in luxury, when it comes to their offspring they add lots of imagination in the mix as well.


North West has had three celebrity birthdays so far. Her first birthday party was dubbed Kidchella which was a festival more than a birthday party. This celebrity birthday party did not only boast luxury and expensive things, but it also had a ferris wheel, a stage for karaoke and dancing and snow cones. And although North won’t have any memory of this party, her parents vowed to top her birthday celebrations each year. So, accordingly, her second birthday party was an extravaganza at Disneyland. The celebrations were daylong and the day ended with a firework display. North will probably have no memory of this birthday celebration either, but we are hoping that she’ll remember her 3rd birthday party which she celebrated with her cousin Penelope. The theme of the party was mermaid princesses and the two girls looked ultra-cute in their sea-shell bikinis and fish tails.


Kim and Kanye definitely don’t spare expenses when it comes to celebrating, especially when it comes to celebrating their only daughter’s birthday. Similarly, Beyonce and Jay Z hold nothing back when it comes to throwing luxurious parties for Blue Ivy. So far, Blue Ivy, aged 4, has received an $80,000 Barbie doll, $96,000 worth of pink and white roses, plus jewellery. This year Blue Ivy, being the daughter of the couple with the biggest net worth that she is celebrated in style. She threw a fairy tale themed bash for her close friends. There were princess dresses for Ivy Blue and her friends to try on, fairy tepees to nap in and of course real life fairy princesses.

And although not everyone gets to have the birthday parties that North West and Blue Ivy get, there’s no doubt that all celebrities celebrate their birthdays in style. In fact most celebrity birthdays are in direct correlation with that celebrity’s net worth, meaning the richest a celebrity is, the more likely he or she is to spend their birthday in luxury.

So would you like to celebrate your birthdays in luxury or would you rather celebrate your birthday at home with friends? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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