Casa Na Mata: The Luxury "Jungle House" Hidden in Brazil's Rainforest

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posted on Sep. 19, 2016

Casa Na Mata was built in 2015 and is a very atypical and unique project nestled in Brazil's rainforest. You can rule the forest in this wild treehouse!

Casa Na Mata, a jungle house in perfect balance with nature offers breathtaking views of the ocean just a couple of metres away.

It is built on a 1668sq.m land with a living space of 805sq.m but it is not just modern house as it knows how to perfectly integrate nature and luxury with the tropical landscape of Brazil’s rainforest. They made sure that the natural light flows through the entire house with integrated greenery; different trees and vegetation are sneaking through all the levels of this magnificent jungle house.

Thanks to the magnificent architecture, the house offers different openings at different levels offering both mountain, ocean and forest views depending on where you are in the house.

As we have previously mentioned, Casa Na Mata is nothing like the other houses; it is a luxury house with one of the most atypical architecture designs. It is nothing like other familial houses; all living spaces are separated through the different levels of the house and everything is in fact upside-down!

As soon as you arrive at the jungle house of your dreams, you have to pass through a space nestled by bright concrete before actually entering Casa Na Mata. The main level has a huge deck which connects to the first room and on the first level you will find 5 other rooms with a little veranda and then another TV room. At the upper level you will find the family space, the living room and the huge infinity pool on the roof.

The incredibly vertical design of Casa Na Mata offers top-notch equipment perfectly designed for enjoying the most mesmerizing Brazilian scenery whether you are at the fireplace, the bathtub or the infinity pool.

If this isn’t a piece of tropical heaven for natural lovers, I don’t know what is!

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