Can You Fight the Urge to Squeeze These Adorably Cute Animals?

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posted on Jun. 20, 2016

Ever felt the urge to squeeze something because it’s so damn cute? Like, too cute? If the answer is ‘yes’, then congratulations: you’ve just been diagnosed with cute aggression.

Researchers at Yale University found that cute aggression is a very real thing, and it’s basically defined as the desire to bite, squeeze, and otherwise cause physical violence to someone or something out of immense feelings of love and a rush of emotions. In other words, it’s when you see someone and feel the strong need to eat them up, because if you don’t, your head will explode.

Really, you identify with Agnes from Despicable Me when it comes to cute things:

The question, however, remains: can you resist the urge to squeeze and eat these unbelievably and impossibly adorably cute animals?

#1 This cute little guy on his way to school

#2 This seal asking “Who, me?”

#3 This bunny wearing bunny frigging slippers!

#4 This cute kitten squeezing his teddy bear!

#5 This puppy in pajamas!

#6 This other puppy in pajamas… and duck slippers!

#7 This momma hippo booping her baby.

#8 This bunch of baby pandas drinking milk from baby bottles!

#9 This tiny little kitten with a big roar.

#10 This red panda trying to open a door.

#11 This pair of chinchillas having fun at a birthday party.

#12 This little pup with the cutest butt ever.

#13 This hedgehog enjoying a nice little rocking.

#14 This tiny hedgehog.

#15 This curious baby otter.

#16 This sleepy duckling.

#17 And this sleepy kitten.

#18 This baby monkey riding a baby lion. And yes, those are two baby tigers.

#19 This puppy that looks like a teddy bear.

#20 These best buddies taking a little nap.


what do you think?


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