Bollywood Music Being Used As A Weapon Against Isis

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posted on Jun. 02, 2016
by Rick Fo

I know it sounds crazy…but is it really the craziest thing you’ve read on the internet today? Be really honest with yourself…exactly the giant crocodile on a golf course was the craziest.

Apparently the Daesh have a major problem with the high production Bollywood movie most of the world enjoys because its un-Islamic…on the other hand most of the world according to the Daesh is un-Islamic…So Pakistani intelligence officers thought it would be funny to troll the hell out the terrorist by setting up remote controlled speakers to blare Bollywood music inadvertently pointing the authorities towards the terrorists hide-outs as they grumpily tried to find the source of the jaunty music. Also the Pakistani authorities hot off the success of their first foray into trolling warfare, would intercept Daesh communications and blast them with BollyJUICE (that’s what I’m calling it from now on…deal with it). I think this is a job for the BOSS….



what do you think?


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