Are You Sure She’s Mad At You?

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posted on Jun. 21, 2016
by Rick Fo

Humans are complex…then what do we do? Decide to take to infinitely complex people and put them together. They struggle to figure each other for years…and then procreate.

And one thing that procrastination does to complex social situations?  I makes things even more complex. One such situation is when your partner is mad at you…how can you tell if she is.


One surefire way to figure out if your partner is angry with you is if they are chasing you/standing over you as you startle awake with a weapon in their hand. If they are very angry with you they will probably use a bludgeoning type of weapon, if they are have something that will dispatch you quickly and painlessly they probably just want a way to get out of your loveless relationship.


If they try to get you up on a ledge and you usually don’t hang out on ledges then your partner might be angry at you.

Physical Signs

If you see steam shooting out of your partners nose, ears or top of their head pop off as a mushroom cloud shoots out of the top.

what do you think?


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