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OnTopOf is the latest and greatest online social experience dedicated to entertaining, inspiring, and educating people about the things they love. Through highly sharable video, trending news, and listicles, we help readers stay on top of everything that matters the most to them while inciting interesting social conversations.

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We’re the newest viral content site on the block but what sets us apart from all the rest is our true love for cute kittens, dancing grandmas, inspirational stories, and all things viral. We’re the people who keep you looking alive at every bus stop and in every pointless meeting. But above all, we’re a community, and we’re glad you’re part of that community.

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It’s so easy to get caught up in our own little worlds, our everyday stresses and responsibilities that we often end up forgetting about the world around us. There are so many funny, cute, heartwarming, and fascinating stories out there, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share those stories with you to make your world a better place and to keep you updated with what’s happening around the world.

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OnTopOf’s large network of influencers is comprised of the most talented and influential creators on social media. These influencers are incredibly diverse and represent a broad spectrum in age, location, and area of interest. We work with these influencers to create and curate the best inspiring, uplifting, and engaging content for their audiences.

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