9 Bra Facts You Should Definitely Know

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posted on May. 09, 2016

Because as a bra wearer life can be tough.

I wish I had smaller boobs so I could go bra-less all the time but I don’t so I’ve made peace with the fact and started informing myself on how to best maintain this essential part of my wardrobe.

Taking care of your bras means that you’ll be able to keep them alive for longer and keeping them alive for longer will save you both the money and the trouble of having to go out and find that perfect bra again.

#1 Handwashing Your Bras Will Keep Them Alive for Longer

Handwashing is so last century but if it can keep your favourite bra alive maybe it’s worth the trouble?

#2 Lingerie Wash Bags Can Pretty Much Replace Handwashing

And because I know that no one can be bothered with handwashing here’s another option that’s easier but just as effective. Stick your bras into lingerie wash bags and this will help protect the sensitive material they’re made of.

#3 Bras Last Between 6 to 9 Months

But however much you try to a bra will always meet its end before the year’s out.

#4 Your Bras Need to Be Washed At Least Once a Week

It can be difficult to throw your bra in the laundry basket, especially if it’s the one bra that fits perfectly with all your shirts but a dirty bra can be guilty of causing acne breakout and/or rushes.

#5 Make Sure You Wear a Sports Bra Whenever You’re Working Out

If your breasts are not properly supported during a workout this can cause the ligaments of your bust to stretch.

#6 You Could Be Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

According to the Independent about 85 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. A professional bra fitter will help you find the right size for you or if you’re ordering online most websites have size guides which can help you determine your bra size.

#7 Your Bra Needs to Fit Two Fingers Round the Back

If it’s looser it won’t support your boobs and if it’s tighter it’s going to suffocate you.

#8 The Perfect Strapless Bra Does. Not. Exist

It’s not you, it’s just that the straps are actually essential in the lifting and supporting business.

#9 You Don’t Have to Wear a Bra

Bras are uncomfortable and anyone who wears a bra will attest to that, however if you can support an outfit without a bra there’s literally no need for you to get your boobs in the boob jail.

And as the saying goes, home is where the bra comes off. 

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