5 Bathroom Products to Pamper Your Inner Queen

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posted on May. 04, 2016

This list will turn your bathroom into your personal spa!

Other than chocolate, I think it’s safe to say that bubble baths are the best things to have ever been invented. Just imagine soaking in lukewarm water with a glass of wine smelling all blossomy and listening to classical music (if you’re not into that you can always listen to Queen Bey of course).

And because we know what a hard-working gal you’re we’ve done our research and we present you with everything you need to turn your bathroom into the relaxation hot-spot of your dreams.

#1 Vanilla Milk Bath Gift Set Rustic Cord Box Gel Lotion ($22.90)


This vanilla box has everything you need to smell great. All you need is to draw yourself a bath, or better yet have your SO draw you a bath throw in the salts or the gel and dive right in. To make matters even better, this gift set comes in a rustic cord box which you can use to spice up your bathroom décor as well.

#2 Salt of the Earth All Natural Essential Oil Body Scrub - Lavender Dream ($8.99)

This essential oil body scrub smells like a dream. Lavender is known for its stress-relief abilities and together with a bubble bath this can turn into one of the best experiences of your adult life. It’s also paraben-free and phthalate-free which means that it’s also not harmful to your body as well as nourishing.

#3 Bathtub & Shower Wine Glass Holder with Suction Cups, Clear Plastic ($9.99)

And because nothing says relaxing more than wine this wine glass holder is essential for any bath tub. It’s suction cups will help you hold your wine glass in place and it will help prevent any slippery accidents that your klutzy self might have had a hard time avoiding.  

#4 100% Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Extendable Sides, Cellphone Tray & Integrated Wineglass Holder ($39.97)

My personal favourite. This bathtub caddy is everything you need. You can use it to place your book, your phone if you’re planning to listen to some music while taking your bubblebath and it has an integrated wineglass holder in case you were worried that you’d only have to have one wine glass with you in the bath with the wine glass holder above.

#5 Superior 900 Gram Egyptian Cotton 2-Piece Bath Towel Set ($41.87)


And because no one will hug you quite as softly as an Egyptian cotton towel you definitely need this because there’s nothing to ruin your bubble like a hard towel pressed to your body. This towel will remind you why you rule the world and it will have you screaming ‘Yass Queen’ for days and days to come.

100% Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Extendable Sides, Cellphone Tray & Integrated Wineglass Holder

Safely Perches Your Book, Magazine, iPad or Laptop While You Enjoy a Bath Attractive, Sturdy Caddy is Crafted From 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Bamboo Scooped Tray Secures Your Phone, Etc. While Providing Convenient Access Clever Wineglass Holder Enables You to Bring Your Favorite Red into the Bath Arms Slide Out for Any Size Tub; Measures 27 ¾" Closed, 41½" Fully Extended

$39.97 USD

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