4-Year-Old Has Birthday Party and No One Turns Up, Strangers Come to The Rescue

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posted on May. 05, 2016

One of my biggest fears ever: No-one showing up at my birthday party. Sometimes I even consider not having a birthday party in case no one comes and I am left there disappointed and alone.

What’s even worse? Being a mom organizing a birthday party for your son and all your attendees drop out just a few hours before the event. This is what Rachelle Briannan from Melbourne, Australia had to face.

After all her invitees dropped out, she posted an S.O.S post on the Midnight Mums Facebook group asking for help to make up for her son’s birthday party,

So I'm sitting in my room quietly crying, Briannan wrote. 12 kids were invited to my sons party today, and an hour before every one of them cancels or just doesn't reply to my messages.

Taenon, Briannan’s son, was going to celebrate his birthday with friends for the very first time- he had just turned four!

She continued,

My heart is literally broken for him!! I'm so hurt and angry. What the hell can I do to make this up to him?. Like I made him this huge superhero cake and there's going to be no one to even sing happy birthday to him.

This S.O.S post had prompted up to 30 young children to the Eltham McDonald’s- where the birthday party was initially held at- with some kids and parents traveling from far away. A local party supply company called Veronica’s Pantry even donated helium balloons for this special occasion!

Wow! How cool is that?

Briannan wrote a thank you message which was submitted by the Midnight Mums Facebook page,

We are just so overwhelmed with love and support it's incredible. People took time and money from their own lives and invested it into me and my son — Taenon. I was also so happy to see people forming friendships at his party, not just kids but the parents. Everyone there just got along so well.

Faith in humanity restored.

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