10 of the Hottest Places to Have Sex This Summer

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posted on Jun. 24, 2016

With the summer season upon us it only makes sense that you’ll want to take your activities with your SO outside the room. The warm temperature is ideal for doing the hokey pokey somewhere other than your trusted duvet so here are some suggestions for the adventurous couples.

#1 In the Ocean

I mean, obviously that should be your number 1 fantasy, right?

#2 On the Beach

And if you’re wondering what the best beach to have sex on is here’s a handy guide.

#3 In a Truck


Not a moving truck but hey if that’s what turns you on…

#4 In a Barn

So rural yet so hot.

#5 On a Boat

Just make sure that it’s someone you want to have sex with cause you can’t throw them overboard if you’re too bored.

#6 In a Pool

Preferably your own pool though because disgusting!

#7 On the Floor

So that you can be cool even with the steamiest of partners.

#8 In the Woods

I mean as far as phantasies go this is really something.

#9 By a Window

Overlooking New York or Tokyo.

#10 In the Shower

Why should the heat put you off having sex?

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