10 Cats That Really Don’t Want to Cuddle Right Now

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posted on Jun. 18, 2016

We interrupt your regular OnTopOf browsing for 10 cats that really, absolutely, unquestionably do not want to cuddle right now – and as you can expect, it’s totally awesome.

#1 Why have you forsaken me, Lord?

#2 It’s… it’s touching me again!


#4 B*tch, please. I’m too cool for hugs.

#5 Ew, gross!

#6 Just no.

#7 For the last time, woman, I don’t want to cuddle!

#8 To answer your question: no. No, I do not like kids.

#9 It’s okay, it’ll be over soon!

#10 Put me down, hooman!

Clearly, these humans aren’t good enough for their cats.

Even Mrs. Norris isn’t very keen on being cuddled.

what do you think?


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